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Partner with the Most Experienced Team in the Industry


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Partner with the Most Experienced Team in the Industry

May 15, 2024

When you pursue any business venture, who you choose to work with is a crucial decision. Within a niche, ever-evolving industry like medical aesthetics, experience matters. Instead of hiring an agency that outsources overseas or to freelancers who don’t understand medical aesthetics, partner with the most experienced team in the industry.

When you hire Acara Partners, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting: decades of industry experience, a proven track record of success and business consulting and marketing expertise. Acara prides itself on 21 years of business as a full-service agency, collaborating in-house at our Branford, CT office to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients.


We begin our story at the start of the medical aesthetic movement, when in 1996 our co-founder and CEO Francis X Acunzo and his wife and co-founder Colleen launched the very first medical spa through a business venture with their Boston-based spa company and a leading cosmetic laser company. After years of cultivating industry knowledge, experience and professional relationships, Francis and Colleen founded Acara Partners in 2004, the first business consulting agency dedicated to the aesthetic medical industry. Just four years later in 2008, Acara Partners expanded as a full-service marketing agency, the first specializing in the aesthetic medical industry.

Proven track record of success

Acara Partners has been creating and implementing business and marketing plans that drive success for over two decades. In that time, we have worked with more than 350 aesthetic medical practices, developed more than 180 med spas nationwide, written over 350 business plans and secured over $100M in total capital. Acara is proud to be one of the industry’s most preferred consulting and marketing groups for physicians and entrepreneurs who want to open a med spa and for new and existing practices that want to increase leads, sales and profits.

Med spa consulting and marketing expertise

We know what works best in this industry because we’ve worked with and learned from the best. Backed by a deep understanding of consumer behavior and industry trends, our med spa consulting and marketing experts can tell you which services are most in-demand in the current market, yield optimal results and have the highest client satisfaction rates. To bring your unique vision to life with proven results and success, we offer expertise in business development, business consulting, marketing strategy and implementation, website design and development, logo design and brand development and more.

Partner with the experts and we’ll get you where you want to be! To learn more about starting your own med spa or growing your aesthetic medical practice, contact us today.

Recapping AmSpa’s Medical Spa Show 2024


Angela Taylor, VP of Consulting & Practice Development, and Michelle Blydenburg, Director of Business Development at the AmSpa Medical Spa Show 2024

Recapping AmSpa’s Medical Spa Show 2024

April 19, 2024

Acara Partners recently traveled to Las Vegas for the pleasure of exhibiting at AmSpa’s Medical Spa Show 2024! It was our fifth time returning to the annual event as one of the aesthetic medical industry’s premier business consulting and marketing agencies. During the four-day show, we experienced so many fun and educational opportunities for networking and gaining industry knowledge and wanted to give you a quick recap of our time:

Conversed with prospective and current clients.

Over at Booth #433, Angela Taylor, VP of Consulting & Practice Development, and Michelle Blydenburg, Director of Business Development, enjoyed meeting with current clients, prospective clients and industry partners to discuss our comprehensive business development, consulting and marketing services, including brand development and website design. We were excited to share best practices for success as well as offer AmSpa attendees a special promotion on our business development package and a free marketing assessment by our expert team.

Learned from leading trainers and experts.

Angela and Michelle also got the chance to speak with several industry vendors, including equipment, technology, software, interior design, merger and acquisitions companies. Getting the chance to engage with fellow industry professionals always enriches our knowledge of the ever-evolving world of medical aesthetics. It has been a privilege to cultivate close and extensive relationships with med spa owners, device manufacturers and product companies both nationally and internationally over the past 21 years. At Acara, we pride ourselves on being the most experienced team in the industry — but there’s always more to learn, especially at the Medical Spa Show!

Thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth to learn more about opening a med spa, increasing leads, sales and profits and developing a strong marketing strategy. We are eager to return to Las Vegas next April for AmSpa’s Medical Spa Show 2025. See you there!

2024 Medspa Industry Trends


2024 Medspa Industry Trends

February 1, 2024

Wondering what the future holds for the ever-changing medspa industry? Curious how you can take advantage of current industry trends? We recently spoke with our co-founder and CEO Francis X. Acunzo about his thoughts regarding the top three medspa trends we will be seeing in 2024:

1. Weight loss programs: Semaglutide

We are seeing more and more medspas incorporating semaglutide into their comprehensive weight loss programs. Semaglutide, a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist, or GLP-1 RA, has become a notable trend in the world of weight management due to its effectiveness in promoting weight loss. This prescription medication works by mimicking the GLP-1 hormone, helping to curb hunger and reduce overall caloric intake. Many medical spas and wellness centers across the country are now offering semaglutide as a series of self-administered injections to help qualified patients lose weight over time. As more patients find success and convenience receiving weight loss treatment through their local medspas, we will see this trend continue to grow throughout 2024.

2. Sciton® lasers: Halo® and Moxi®

The demand for Sciton laser services in medspas around the globe is only predicted to rise this year. Particularly, we are seeing a Halo and Moxi phenomenon, and for good reason. Halo, the world’s first hybrid fractional laser, is one of Sciton’s most sought-after modalities, helping patients everywhere achieve a “Halo glow” with shorter downtime than similar lasers. Halo can deliver remarkable complexion benefits, improving the appearance of aging skin with consistent and precise results every time. For the prejuvenation demographic, medspas are gravitating toward Moxi, a gentle yet powerful fractional laser designed with all skin types and ages in mind. Moxi appeals to those who want to delay signs of aging as well as those who are looking to maintain beautiful skin year-round. As a preeminent leader in laser aesthetics, it is no wonder so many business owners are continuing to integrate Sciton platforms into their practices.

3. Increase in 25- to 34-year-old patients: Neurotoxins and filler

We are seeing an incredible spike in business from patients between 25 and 34 years old wanting neurotoxins and fillers. As medical aesthetics becomes more widely accepted, younger people are taking more of an interest in prolonging their youth and prioritizing self-care. To capture the Gen Z and Millennial audience, we know that injectables like Botox® and lip filler are a must-have service offering. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re also seeing that younger patients are coming in already knowing what they want. Through social media, they’re educating themselves and seeing the benefits of these treatments firsthand before scheduling a consultation. That’s why we are seeing more medspas giving the online viewer a closer look inside their doors. Instead of merely stating that they offer neurotoxins and dermal fillers, medspas are sharing before and after images, in-practice videos and treatment demonstrations on social media as a way to showcase their skills and build trust among a broader audience. Engaging with this age group is a trend we see many medspas hopping on in 2024 and beyond.

The Acara Partners team can help your practice navigate the ever-evolving aesthetic world with industry knowledge and marketing expertise! Contact us for more 2024 suggestions and business information.