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Looking to Add Aesthetic Services to Your Practice? Acara Can Help!


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Looking to Add Aesthetic Services to Your Practice? Acara Can Help!

June 1, 2024

By adding aesthetic services to your practice, you can stay competitive and be a part of a thriving industry with an ever-expanding client base. Med spa treatments like neurotoxins, fillers and lasers are not only lucrative, but also a natural fit — an extension of the medical care you’re already providing to improve the lives of your patients.

The demand for aesthetic services has never been higher, so why wait? Here are three reasons you should consider adding them to your practice:

1. Cash-based business

Most aesthetic services are deemed cosmetic and not medically necessary, so there is very little to no engagement with insurance companies. Instead, your practice collects payment at the time of treatment, making the addition of aesthetic services a more profitable and less complicated business venture.

2. Increases service variety

After completing the necessary training and certification, it is fairly simple for doctors and other medical professionals to practice aesthetic medicine. By expanding your service offerings, you can garner more interest in your practice and enhance your overall financial stability. Aesthetics are also an exciting opportunity to add variety to your career, breaking you out of your normal routine of care.

3. More attractive to more patients

Aesthetic services can attract a wider patient base, including those well-versed in aesthetics and those who may benefit from a new way to treat the concerns you already cover. Botox®, for example, can help relieve chronic migraines and excessive sweating. For many patients who are looking to boost their confidence through aesthetics, receiving care from someone they already know and trust is a huge advantage.

How Acara Partners can help

As the most experienced team in the aesthetic medical industry, we know what gets optimal results, has high client satisfaction rates and is most in demand in today’s market. Through a market assessment, our business consultants will thoroughly analyze and assess your current patient population, defined market area and competition to help:

  • Determine what are the best services to add
  • Decide what technology and equipment to start off with
  • Give recommendations for pricing, staffing needs and pay scales
  • Conduct sales consultation training, which is very different from an insurance-based practice

We’re eager to lead your business toward increased profitability and enhanced overall performance! Contact us today today to learn how Acara can help facilitate the addition of aesthetic services into your practice.