MedSpas Must Hold to the Highest Standard

MedSpas Must Hold to the Highest StandardI just read an article in the Wall Street Journal written by Laura Landro, “New Focus on Averting Errors: Hospital Culture“. It starts by pointing out that it is estimated there are between 44,000 and 98,000 hospital deaths per year caused by errors made by doctors and nurses. Plus an additional 100,000 hospital deaths caused by preventable infections.

Recently a death occurred after a procedure at a Medical Spa. This is one of very few deaths that have occurred since the inception of medical spas some 14 years ago. I’d like to emphasize to the Medical Spa community, even one death a year should be considered unacceptable. It is imperative that we hold the highest standard of protocol, training and sanitation within our facilities, including:

Documented Medical Protocol – Protocols that each Medical Service Provider is internally accredited. Updated either annually or as needed and readily available at he location for easy reference.

Team Training – Regular team training on medical protocol, safety and sanitization.

Cleaning and Sanitizing – Staff trained in all sanitization techniques utilizing up-to-date sanitizing equipment and agents. Frequent facility cleaning by a cleaning company that has expertise in Healthcare cleaning and sanitization.

Here a a few good resources to help:

In addition, as we work towards revitalizing the Medical Spa Society, I will make it one of our objectives to emphasize the highest standards in healthcare clinical and business practices.

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