Customer Centric Telephone Answering

Customer Centric Telephone AnsweringI recently did a blog post on running a Customer Centric Aesthetic Medical Practice or Medspa. I talked about how all your business decisions need to be made with the customer in mind.

I made a call today to a cosmetic medical practice and the phone was answered in a brusque voice, “Doctor’s Office”. Here is a classic example of a non-customer centric business decision. Essentially, the decision was made to answer the phone as simply as possible with the least amount of effort. There is no greeting, no personal introduction and no gracious offer i.e. “How may I help you?”. Just a curt, easy to remember, easy to manage approach. (A staff member will never forget the correct way to answer the phone in that office… just 2 words, “Doctor’s Office”, thus nothing to manage).

Can you tell that this is a pet peeve of mine? Small example of a big problem! If the aesthetic medical practice that I go to ever did this, I’d spend my money elsewhere.

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