Implement R&D for Success: Rigor & Discipline

Implement R&D for Success: Rigor & DisciplineA good friend and colleague would often say that “rigor and discipline” is essential to succeed in business. It’s funny, I now find myself using this same expression with my children and their schoolwork. Rigor and discipline, R&D, two ingredients we see so often lacking in our society today. At least up until recently.

I believe that the easy road to success and financial gain has come to an end. With the recent change in our economy it is essential to stay “on top of your game” in order to succeed. You need to implement solid management and effective marketing with rigor and discipline in order to move your business forward. There is no quick fix or easy road when it comes to building a sustainable business.

Learn the best business practices that make a Medical Spa or Aesthetic Practice successful and then implement them with R&D. Be relentless with your insistence upon yourself and your team. It will be through your leadership that you develop a culture where R&D is a critical integrative part of doing business.

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