Marketing Tip: Ring My Bell

Marketing Tip from Acara Partners: Ring My BellI have a super simple tip for increasing the leads for your medical spa or aesthetic practice – your phone number.

Having a website is a given for any business – I’m sure we would all agree on that. What may be up for debate is the top priority for your site. The ultimate goal for your medical spa practice website isn’t branding, it isn’t promotions or coupons or even building your email list… it’s getting your phone to ring with interested prospective clients.

If you agree – (and if you are responsible for paying the bills I’m willing to bet you do) then make sure your phone number is front and center on each and every page. Not in the footer in a color that is close to the background. The upper right is very valuable visual real estate – an ideal spot for your phone number. Website statistics or analytics showing page views and visitors is exciting, but the phone ringing with prospective clients booking appointments for consultations is even better!

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